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10 Tips for Recreating High Design in Your Own Home

For many homeowners, remodeling outdated rooms and adding high-end features makes good economic sense. Creating a feel of opulence and luxury in your existing home can be a major undertaking or a small project. Add a bit of pizzazz to your rooms with tips to make your home a well-appointed and inviting space for family as well as guests.

If your cabinets are sturdy but dated, consider stain or paint to give them a fresh new look. Change out old-fashioned hardware for decorator knobs and drawer pulls in pewter or enameled bronze. If new cabinets are on the shopping list, consider custom-made cabinets with amenities such as pullout shelves, built in racks and custom pantry options.

Replace tired Formica countertops with modern materials such as poured concrete, granite or tile. If cost is an issue, upgrade an island or peninsula countertop as a focal point to add interest to the room.

Add a backsplash of glass tile to pick up the colors of your decorating scheme for a trendy splash of color.

Proper lighting is essential in a kitchen. Layered lighting is central to making the kitchen a welcoming and efficient space. Task lighting, ambient lighting, accent lighting and decorative lighting all add up to a kitchen that exudes warmth and charm while providing proper illumination for workspaces. Tie in a common theme for light fixtures such as contemporary, traditional or eclectic decorative hardware. Pendant lighting for islands and peninsulas add visual punch and stylish chrome track lighting is adjustable to highlight wall décor and other decorating focal points.

Commercial grade appliances give the family chef the convenience and efficiency that’s important in a well-functioning kitchen. A six-burner high-efficiency range and convection oven provide the best in meal preparation, while a built-in refrigerator and freezer gives a streamlined appearance to the room. Integrated appliances that blend into the kitchen décor or are hidden behind paneling are quickly becoming the hallmark of a high-end kitchen. No longer the focal point of the room, appliances have taken a back seat to a great decorative hood, a specialty sink or perhaps a fireplace.

Kitchens are no longer utilitarian preparation areas. The kitchen is where family and guests congregate, so a small dining and relaxing area is increasingly important for the well planned home. A fireplace, conversation area and entertainment area including a TV are part of the casual entertaining lifestyle that makes the kitchen the heart of the home.


Create a spa-like setting in the master bath. An oversized shower area with rain-fall showerheads and generous seating makes any bathroom luxurious. Use marble, granite or designer tiles on floor and walls to carry the theme throughout the room.

Radiant heated floors take personal comfort to a new level and are energy efficient, making that new marble floor tile warm and inviting to look at and to feel under bare feet.

Lighting should be task oriented as well as give a warm glow to your spa bath. Ambient lights gives overall lighting to the room and recessed fixtures spaced throughout the room provide an even, soft luminosity. Accent lighting provides proper light for personal grooming, and decorative sconces on either side of a large mirror will give proper illumination for shaving, hair grooming and make-up application.

Flowing, uncluttered lines give a serene sense to a spa bath. Provide ample storage space to keep counters tidy. Popular cabinet trends include units that resemble fine furniture with legs and open shelves. Floating counters add a wow factor when paired a great sink and fixtures.

A mirror television is a luxury that really sets a spa bathroom in the big league. This high-tech accessory is a great for catching the news before heading out to work or to enjoy a quiet moment before settling down for the evening.

High-end decorating and remodeling can be a costly undertaking or a simple matter of updating the basic amenities of your home. Visualize how your room will be used and develop a list of priorities. Many luxury touches can be accomplished with relative ease.

Make a few small changes to build your confidence before tackling a major project. Your remodeling may take several stages of work to complete, so it’s wise to prepare the family for the upcoming venture. Hansen Lighting provides a vast array of lighting options and accessories for a quick update or a major renovation.

Apartment Remodeling VdC01 / by A2OFFICE

Apartment Remodeling VdC01

This intervention was made in an apartment located in a rooftop penthouse, with 18 years old, with a dark and heavy interior. It was asked to do the best intervention possible spending a small budget, previously defined.

Schaustelle – Space For Experiments / by J. MAYER H. Architects

Designed by J. MAYER H., the ‘Schaustelle’ or ‘show site’ will be a temporary pavilion and platform for the four collections housed at the Pinakothek der Moderne.

Munich, 12 July 2012, In an official statement, Dr. Markus Michalke, Chairman of the Pinakothek der Moderne Foundation announced:

The Pinakothek der Moderne is due to close in February 2013 for renovation work and is expected to reopen again in September 2013. The temporary closure has been seen as an opportunity that will give rise to a makeshift exhibition building – the Schaustelle. Set up for the duration of the renovations, it will provide the four collections at the Pinakothek der Moderne with a lively platform to hold exhibitions, workshops, talks, performances, film screenings and video installations and much more besides. The scheme has been initiated by the Pinakothek der Moderne Foundation.

Prismatic Colours / by Jean Verville, Architecte

© Jean Verville architecte

In downtown Montreal, a loft for an artist who collects contemporary art and design objects is intended to be a tribute to creativity. Architect Jean Verville designed this unusual interior, which is both playfully colourful and sometimes a calm, peaceful white.

Sustainable Market Square – Architectural Competition / hosted by [AC-CA]

A Market square is a public open area where market stalls are traditionally set out for trading, commonly on particular days. Sustainable Architecture is a general term that describes environmentally conscious design techniques in the field of architecture.

Fiber-Grass, Spiretec Urban Plaza / by d INKOFF

The composition of the project is a replica to the picture with grassy field provided by the client; it invented the name for the project, “FIBER-GRASS”. This theme also implied the extensive use of Sustainable Architecture everywhere in the design. The woven grass fibers are interposed on the site and intersected by the already established vocabulary of IT buildings. The “conversation” launched between the two, forms a new construct which challenges the traditional approach in architecture- the platonic volumes are visualized by their fractions looking for completion of the arrangement together with the existing IT buildings. They become as prosthesis for each other- the linearity of the landscape, established by already constituted orthogonal system, is interrupted by a new one of the lately added buildings to reverse again in a different direction to the previous.

Wodden House / by a2ca architectes

Wodden House / by a2ca architectes

Presentation of the Project
Avesnois, an ideal site to build a wooden house in a vegetated, Then it is to shake a little and traditionalism that realization, true architectural revolution has become integrated into the traditional architecture. During construction, this achievement has raised questions and curiosities but never left indifferent, even to become a subject of discussion in the village! The wish of the project owner and the realization of this project will continue renewal of the natural park and participate in the development of timber construction in the region of Avesnois.

Mobile Bar / by SOLID architecture

Worldwide deployable, mobile bar. The mobile bar fulfils the following requirements:

– shipping of the whole bar in one Air Cargo Container LD 11
– good visibility of the bar in crowded places
– workstations for three people, including one sommelier
– integrated cooling of 25 wine bottles
– integrated glass washer
– storage for glasses
– assembly in one day without special tools