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Departamento Polanco 1, Ciudad de México / by Lopez Duplan Arquitectos

Departamento Polanco 1 in Ciudad de México / by Lopez Duplan Arquitectos

This apartment is located in Polanco, in Mexico City, just across from a park so the views are mostly of fantastic tree tops. The apartment has one level with wide spaces that allowed making a proper distribution of the areas resulting in a casual, very warmth and open ambience.

Casa Lomas Altas in México D.F. / by Lopez Duplan Arquitectos

Casa Lomas Altas in México D.F. / by Lopez Duplan Arquitectos

The house was built in the early 80’s and is located west of Mexico City. The remodeling made by Claudia Lopez Duplan was a total renovation of both space and image. In addition to interior and exterior renovation, major changes were also made in all the facilities, especially for the unification of the public areas.

The house is divided in three and a half levels. In the intermediate floor the number and proportion of windows was increased to take advantage of views to the forest and gain entrance of natural light. There was also a total change of the window screens to integrate the terraces and open areas to the interior of each space maintaining a bond with all the services.

ILO Polanco in Mexico City / by ARCO Arquitectura Contemporánea

Balance between the new image and the concept, in a modern and innovative design, are also the elements for the interior design project for the Polanco store ILÓ. The idea comes from the use of the hank of yarn as the design element of a cozy, classic and very elegant space. Being a retail store that sells home high end products the color palette selected was earth, to harmonize and enhance the quality and warmth of the products.

The Good Life Hostel in Mexico City / by ARCO Arquitectura Contemporánea

La Condesa is a residential development that began on the early years of the XX century in Mexico City. Nowadays it is back on sight of locals and visitors because for its privileged location and the recent economic growth of the area. Taking these into account investors decided to place Hostal La Buena Vida (The Good Life Hostel) in this area and the perfect location was found on Mazatlán Street.

This neighborhood has an homogeneous architectural style and the objective was to stand out, ARCO Arquitectura Contemporanea´s team proposed the use of a double skin on the facade —to reduce the street noise and control the inside temperature— full with color and texture that makes the hostel an eye catcher from any point in the street, always respecting rules and regulations as well as the proportions of the adjacent buildings.

Cradle for Multiple Cultures and Social Cohesion in Hong Kong, China / by Nomad Office Architects

Heritage Revitalization in Hong Kong
Heritage is a socio-cultural resource, which the Hong Kong citizen is drawing on to help define an identity, both connected to and distinct from mainland China. Heritage revitalization is primarily software driven and its operating model should reflect the social needs and benefit at time rather than only upkeep architecture which frozen in time.

Space Time Continuum in Hong Kong, China / by Nomad Office Architects

Time Space Continuum – Capturing Slices of Life at Moments in Time

Space Time Continuum / by Nomad Office Architects

Sport encompasses the whole person development. Sports science can trace its origins to ancient Greece. It is not surprising to claim that sport competition and ancient Socratic philosophy both aim at virtue and human excellence. They share similarities such as knowledge seeking, questioning and challenging of oneself.

Time and Space are the two fundamental paradigms of all sport racing. In our artwork ‘ Time Space Continuum’, we will raise public’s curiosity and questions towards these two distinct concepts. What is Time? Is Time physical or psychological? Is Time absolute or relative? Is Time an illusion? Is Time dividable? Is Space Time composed of multiple frozen moments ‘time slices’?

Data Driven City / by Mekano Studio

Mekano studio want to share with You their last Project In An international Competition in Egypt and they got awarded and was chosen second best project and was regarded the best project by the organizers and the audience. The competition is an initiative that argues the people to take their own decisions and to leave the 5% of the lands in egypt and go to live in the 95% lands of Egypt, with a theme of, Taking Leave… The competition focuses on the revolution – 25 january – and how we can benefit from it , and how it reflects the architectural design process and the final result which led us to create a massive square in a new city called 25 january to prevail the democracy in a new smart city.

25 January 2011

The Revolution that inspired millions of people inside and outside of Egypt, the Day that every Egyptian Started to feel the humanity, the first day of the new era, the day that all the world will remember as the day that all the Egyptians earned their Freedom.

-Revolution On The Human psyche
It wasn’t a political revolution only, there was something that been risen and grown inside each one who took part in this great incident that turned into festival, something that turned the revolution into a starting point for a new era, with new gradients that needs to be combined together with caution in order to achieve the right and requested results, People wants to feel honoured and living freely with a new vision and a different treatment to their mind, to be treated like real humans.

Rest Stops in Georgia / by J. MAYER H. Architects

Rest Stops in Georgia / by J. MAYER H. Architects

Completion of Construction
In 2009 Head of Roads Department of Georgia commissioned J. MAYER H. to design a system of 20 Rest Stops for the new highway which will run through Georgia and connect the Republic of Azerbaijan with the Republic of Turkey. Two Rest Stops have been completed while a third one is under construction. The new Rest Stops are located on selected scenic viewpoints and serve as activators for their area and neighbouring cities, including not only gas station and supermarket, but also a farmers market and a cultural space for local arts and crafts.