“DOL” Office Building / by Luis de Garrido

The building consists of an elongated volume facing south, and includes a longitudinal central courtyard, with overhead lighting. Thus, it achieves a perfect control of sunlight (in winter the building can have the maximum amount of direct sunlight, and in summer has the maximum possible level of sun protection).

The building behaves quite differently in winter or summer, and can be reconfigured easily to move from one state to another.

In winter, the building becomes one great, getting the maximum solar radiation in the south. The underfloor heating supplements the heat requirement of the building.

DOL Office Building / by Luis de Garrido

However, in summer, the windows close completely south, through sliding panels, and the building is illuminated by indirect sunlight from the north and indirect solar zenith covered patio plant.

From a formal point of view, the composition of the building has made ​​an apology to the reinforced concrete slabs with which it is built. Therefore, and in a poetic form, the building consists of a succession of plates, high up. Thus, the building resembles a grand staircase ascending. A “stairway to heaven.”

Office Building “DOL”
Esquivias. Toledo
2882 ​​m2 ’45
2,763,000 euros

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