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Nuñez House in Valencia / by Luis de Garrido


Nuñez House in Valencia / by Luis de Garrido

[Google-transated from Spanish]
The housing typology is inspired by Renaissance palaces. A small perforated flat facade to the north, and a facade with a large glazed area to the south. In the center of the housing has a oval courtyard provides daylight. Therefore, in winter the house is lit by large windows in the south and in summer, covered the windows, the house is lit up through the central courtyard. Thus the house stays warm in winter and cool in summer. In the center is covered central courtyard has a fountain and a water spray to increase the ability of bioclimatic architectural system refresh.

Nuñez House
Antonio Nunez
Rafelbunyol. Valencia
410’10 m2
349,530 euros

Download: Casa Nuñez


Nuñez House in Valencia / by Luis de Garrido
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