Residential Complex “Blue Iris” / by Luis de Garrido

Undoubtedly, the most characteristic of urbanization is the provision and type of building blocks.

Residential Complex Blue Iris / by Luis de Garrido

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The blocks are separated from each other at a distance such as to ensure that all households have the highest degree of sunlight in winter. To accomplish this, while maximizing the degree of use permitted by the regulations, has played with the location of mandatory assignments to use half the public administration. Instead of giving 15% average advantage in an arbitrary site, has carefully chosen its location between the projected linear blocks. This ensures proper separation between them, and “privatize” the space provided.

The space provided is destined to green areas, but since they are located very close between two blocks, residents outside the urban feel intimidated and do not. Thus, urbanization has “captured” these public spaces for their own enjoyment. The public spaces have been divided in two, and kept separate by private parkland, where the indoor pool is private. This has increased the “privatization” of public gardens.

Residential Complex Blue Iris / by Luis de Garrido

The blocks have a linear type, with holes inside. This will create “microclimates” and spaces that encourage coexistence and neighborly relations. The houses are terraced, two by two, and have three facades.

The blocks have a set of galleries in the north for access to different homes. These galleries allow the generation and maintenance of a large bag of fresh air running through the house by ventilation.

Residential Complex Blue Iris / by Luis de Garrido

On the other hand, the first line of the set is made up of terraced houses. The typology of these properties allows their subsequent stays even have a high level of natural lighting.

In total there are 17 different types of housing in the set. Apartments simplex 2, 3 and 4 bedroom duplex in several bedrooms, 4 bedroom triplex and 4 bedroom townhouses and three heights.

Residential Complex “Blue Iris” 2003
Massalfassar. Valencia
’93 12 446 m2
6,236,350 euros