Casa Onofre, Valencia / by Luis de Garrido

CASA ONOFRE, Valencia / by Luis de Garrido

Luis de Garrido shared with us another project, the Onofre House, in Valencia. [Google-translated from Spanish] The site has an elongated shape, and the urban ordinances require the design of a rectangular housing. For this reason, it restricts the ability bioclimatic housing, ie reduces the ability of cooling or heating, if pampered, due to its architectural design, without technological devices.

CASA ONOFRE, Valencia / by Luis de Garrido
by Luis de Garrido

Since they could not control how outside the house, the only possibility that remains to behave in a bioclimatic acceptable, is to control the entry of solar radiation by internal holes, like a patio.

CASA ONOFRE, Valencia / by Luis de Garrido
by Luis de Garrido

Thus, they have provided two large courtyards oval (with north-south) by entering a controlled manner, the solar radiation. Thus, it enables all the rooms of the house with natural lighting and that the home has a certain capacity for greenhouse heated by direct solar radiation. The green roof is integrated into the hillside, and is an extension of it. Thus, it enables owners walk, albeit on housing, since the plot has a huge slope.

Onofre House
Onofre Promotions
Chiva. Urbanización El Bosque. Valencia
313 m2
251,000 euros


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