KKC House by no.555 Architectural Design Office

Project description of KKC House by no.555 Architectural Design Office:
The house was designed with considering the relationship to the parents house which is located inner part of the site. The center alley, which devides the two floating volumes, connects to the parents house. The alley runs up & down irregularly reflecting the surrounded forest geometric feature and becoming a communication space for the two families. The existing parents garden was reserved under the new resident for two families enjoining lunch and conversations. The residence was designed for the two families having close relationships and happy life together.

KKC, a house with a Alley, single family house.
Location: Fukushima, Japan
Architect: no.555 – Tsuchida Takuya
Structural design: Frameworks – Akimoto Megumi
Photographer:Torimura Koichi