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House in Kojetin by Kamil Mrva Architects


From Kamil Mrva Architects:
It is a pleasure when an investor asks you for cooperation on another interesting project. The first project was a reconstruction of the UAX company’s headquarters in Bernartice. The second one is a studio and housing project in Kojetín. An exceptional investor, an exceptional place, another challenge for the architect.

The plot is located on a hill with a view of the surrounding landscape. The investor’s intention was to reconstruct a former barn into a place for work and living in the first phase, and build a new family house in the vicinity in the future. The original sandstone walls and pillars from 1862 have been preserved. A reinforcing concrete ring was designed to which a lightweight shed roof was anchored. Inside the original building, a square structure was erected – a studio. The single-space concept is based on how our ancestors used to live in this region. All necessities were taken care of in one parlour room; a kitchenette, sitting room and place for sleeping and working.

The project was designed using natural materials. The load-bearing structure and lightweight roof are made of wood.

Client: Radek Leskovjan,
Author: Kamil Mrva
Cooperation: Blaženka Bebek, Jaroslav Holub, Jitka Pospíšilová, Radek Leskovjan
Contractor: Commodum s.r.o., Alfest Lučina
Photo: studio Toast