Daniel Libeskind’s Grand Canal Theatre Opens Today

Daniel Libeskind Grand Canal Theatre

Press Release:
DUBLIN. Architect Daniel Libeskind’s Grand Canal Theatre, part of the larger development by Chartered Land, is a dramatic addition to Dublin’s docklands created by a world-class team of designers. The 2100 seat venue, managed by Live Nation Ireland, will open its doors for the first time to the public on Thursday, March 18th, 2010.

Daniel Libeskind Grand Canal Theatre

Grand Canal Theatre is a landmark that creates a focus for its urban context, specifically Grand Canal Square, the new urban piazza at the waterfront of Grand Canal Harbour. The Theatre becomes the main façade of a large public piazza, designed by Martha Schwartz Partners, framed by a five star hotel and residences on one side and an office building on the other.

Mr. Libeskind explains further “Dublin is a city resurrected over the last 10 years and it’s just breathtaking what has happened. It has been transformed from an ancient city to one that is vibrant – it’s youthful, it’s exciting, it’s dynamic. I believe that’s what architecture can do for a city, and cultural institutions such as the Grand Canal Square Theatre will just add to that incredible atmosphere.”

Daniel Libeskind Grand Canal Theatre

The theatre entrance facade from the plaza was modeled based on the concept of the theatre curtain. The façade is comprised of two overlapping, folding glazed screens, with the main theatre entrance situated in between – allowing visitors to enter as if through a stage curtain.

Daniel Libeskind Grand Canal Theatre

The theatre’s auditorium design concept draws on shipbuilding imagery in reference to the former docklands area. Suspended ‘sails’ conceal the technical gantries and equipment while the large protruding ‘rib’ volumes on the side walls evoke the timber members of an old boats hull.

Architekt Daniel Libeskind AG, the Zurich based office, led a group of world-class designers to complete the theatre which included McCauley Daye O’Connell Architects, Arup, Arts Team, Billings Design Associates, Pritchard Themis, Michael Slattery & Associates, David Langdon PKS, and Bruce Shaw Safety Management. John Sisk & Son Ltd. acted as the general contractor on the project.

To learn more about Daniel Libeskind, please visit www.daniel-libeskind.com.

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