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Archive for February, 2010

Shams Sale Center by X-Architects


From the X-Architects: The proposed sales center provides a sensitive approach to the local ecology and landscape, especially to the fast depleting mangrove reserves of AbuDhabi. Extending and hovering above the existing mangroves and integrating them into its design, the sales center provides potential investors a glimpse of the nature oriented life style that can be expected from the Shams project.The form responds to the surrounding views and programmatic pressures of the project.The mangrove courts organize the program into different zones of activity and extends the users perception towards creating a symbiotic relationship with his surrounding environment. Credits: Ahmed Al Ali, Farid Esmaeil, Luca Vigliero, Francesco Moncada, Mathan Ramaiah, Lidia, Dario Cavallaro.


Rolex Learning Center by SANAA

ANAA_Rolex Learning_center

The design of Rolex Learning Center was proposed by SANAA for a competition in 2004. And the construction of the building has been completed and scheduled to open for operation next week. Aimed to be the main point of entry to the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) campus in Switzerland, the single-story building has a giant space and 14 rounded voids.


Auditorium Oscar Niemeyer, Italy

Auditorium Oscar Niemeyer, Ravello,

Designed by Oscar Niemeyer ten years ago, the Auditorium Oscar Niemeyer sited on difficult landscape in Ravello, Salerno, Italy. The project covers 1,500 sq m space includes an auditorium, a semicircular stage, a recording studio, and a rehearsal room. There is a large outside terrace that enable vistors to experience panoramic views of the coastline. The auditorium has been open since January 29.


Hangzhou Sports Park by NBBJ and CCDI

 Hangzhou Sports Park

Like many cities in China, Hangzhou is undergoing rapid urban change.  While the city center had historically developed around the West Lake area, opportunities for industry and commerce have shifted the city’s expansion towards the Qian Tang riverfront.  New construction has tripled the city’s size in the past 10 years leaving behind a modern architectural fabric that is powerful in scale, yet still in need of public place making.


Table Housing by Kotaro Horiuchi Architecture


Proposed by Kotaro Horiuchi for a competition in August last year, the Table Housing project located at 34 Marathonos Street Athens Greece. With budget of 600,000$ BT, the 3-floors project using steel frame structure and covering 200 m2 of plot area. Read the full description from the architect below:


Malaysia Pavilion for The 2010 Shanghai World Expo


Malaysia is one of the two ASEAN countries that build pavilion for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo along with Singapore. The Malaysia Pavilion for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo will be like a traditional and high Malaysian hut. The 3,000-square-meter pavilion made from a combination of palm oil and plastic, which will be recycled for other constructions after Expo.

Singapore Pavilion for Shanghai Expo 2010


Looks like a huge “music box.” , the Singapore pavilion will be a two-story 3,000-square-meter structure with an “Urban Symphony” theme. Its aluminum façade will feature replicas of Singapore’s famous buildings, Water and gardens will be the two main elements inside the pavilion. Some fountains will be built around the pavilion and there will be a roof garden with precious tropical plants transported from Singapore.


Taipei Pop Music Center (TPMC) by Reiser + Umemoto RUR Architecture PC


Designed by Reiser + Umemoto RUR Architecture PC in partnership with FEI & CHENG ASSOCIATES, the Taipei Pop Music Center features a gradient of mixed-use spaces, from the fully public realm to the interior of the auditorium, allows the visitor to partake of the event dynamic however they choose to visit this complex. It also features a new elevated public ground, which bridges the two building sites and connects the three major zones of the complex, the Main Concert Hall, Outdoor Amphitheater, and the Hall of Fame.