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Archive for December, 2008

Green Residential Tower by FARO

sustainable residential tower

FARO’s sustainable residential tower in Netherlands was selected by the jury as the winner of design competition for urban villas and a residential tower for the Cascade park at Almere. Designed to house 57 residences, the tower utilizing green balconies to fit the public park theme.


Dubai to Build Refrigerated Beach

refrigerated BEACH in DUbai

The first refrigerated beach in the world will be built at the new Palazzo Versace hotel in Dubai. This luxury hotel doesn’t want the sand to burn its rich visitors. Expected to open late next year or early 2010, the hotel will put a system of heat-absorbing pipes and giant wind blowers under the sand.


Seed Archive: Growing Architecture by Britt Bell Design

seed archive

Influenced by Calatrava, Hadid, Sarah Schneider and Chris Cunningham, the Seed Archive’s architecture is in the form of a growing cytoskeleton of a plant. This building is proposed to house and preserve native plants for future generations in the Pacific Region.

The major problem to overcome will be constructing architecture that will adapt to the changing and unpredictable future environment. Therefore the architecture will mimic the architecture of a plant, as plants have the innate ability to adapt to their changing environment.


Glenn Murcutt Won 2009 AIA Gold Medal

Marika-Alderton House sktech by glenn murcutt

The Australian architects who won Pritzker Prize in 2002, Glenn Marcus Murcutt has been awarded the 2009 AIA Gold Medal based on effect of his works to the world, especially his small, elegant building.


Foster+Partners’ New Office Development at Boulogne Billancourt, Paris

The new office development at Boulogne Billancourt

The design of an office development for Bolougne Billancourt was proposed by Foster+Partners for a competition in 2005. And now the construction is complete. The seven-storey building sited on the former Renault headquarters. Utilizing white concrete structure, with a steel and glass façade, the building is divided between two volumes, connected by a glazed, full-height atrium containing a café and two restaurants for staff.


Bank of America Tower by Cook + Fox

bank of america

The Bank of America Tower will stand 288-meter tall at 42nd Street and 6th Avenue in Manhattan. Designed by Cook + Fox the building is expected to be the first LEED Platinum skyscraper. With 204,000-square-meter floor area, three-quarters of the building will be occupied by bank of America as its New York headquarters.


Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar

Museum of Islamic Art by I.M. Pei

The new Museum of Islamic Art at Doha, Qatar was opened on December 1st 2008. Designed by I.M. Pei (Pritzker Prize-winner), the museum was built to house masterpieces spanning three continents from the 7th to the 19th century. The building covers 376,740-square-foot area sited in Doha Bay in the Arabian Gulf.


Construction of Shanghai Tower Begin

Shanghai Tower, Shanghai, China

Sited on Shanghai’s Luijiazui Finance and Trade Zone, the Shanghai tower is the third of trio of towers which the construction was begin two days ago. The tower consist of office space, a luxury hotel, retail and cultural venues. And it’s constructed with nine cylinder and utilizing double layer facade.