ALA’s Sundsvall Theatre in Sweden

Sundsvall Theatre

ALA won ‘honorary mention’ from a competition to design the Sundsvall Theatre in Sweden. The project covering 9000 m2 area and sited at Pictouresque rivershore on the edge of the square block city next to a highway.

Sundsvall Theatre

The thriving force in theatre design = flexibility. The complicated and extremely expensive building type often leads into long design processes, during which the chosen shape must enable big changes in dimension, shape, potentially even the whole program. The building is placed on the site with one generous move. A fluid non-generic form defines the edge of the building. It is flexible for changes and while it suggests a building with a cultural function it remains stress-free, even funny. In the plan freedom of a blob and effectiveness of a grid collide to create a new border for the city.

Sundsvall Theatre


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