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Archive for October, 2008

Dramatic Bridge in Norway: Aurland Look Out


Designed by Todd Saunders & Tommie Wilhelmsen with “nature first and architecture second” of design concept, the Aurland Look Out is a dramatic bridge sited 640m over Aurland, Norway. The structure is 4 m wide, 30 long, and 9m high out at the very end.

To make the situation even more dramatic it was important for us to create the experience of leaving the mountainside. We wanted people to come out in the air. The construction creates a distinct horizon; a bridge in the open room of this large fjord. It is imperative that the landscape and the vegetation not altered, but are protected so that one came come out from the landscape and experience it from new standpoint.


Foster + Partners To Design New Central Library for New York City

New Central Library in  New York

A special committee of the Library’s Board of Trustees has chosen Foster + Partners to design New Central Library for New York City. The project aims to transform The New York Public Library’s historic building at Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street into the world’s largest comprehensive library open to the public with $1 billion of allocated-budget.

“Norman Foster’s understanding of the Library, his personal enthusiasm for the project, the professionalism of his team and the portfolio of striking and innovative designs he has created around the world convinced us that Foster + Partners is exactly the right firm to help us create a new central library for New York City,” said Library President Paul LeClerc. “We were particularly impressed by the work he has completed in other historic buildings where he has been sensitive to tradition while finding brilliant, unexpected ways to use space and unite old and new.”


Three PNC Plaza at Pittsburgh, USA.

Three PNC Plaza

Sited at Pittsburgh, USA, the Three PNC Plaza will be the next green skycraper in town. It’s designed by Gensler and expected to open in early 2009 as a sustainable mixed-use tower in the U.S. complete with its LEED crertification.

The 23-storey structure will comprise 780,000 square feet and will feature office space, 28 condominiums, a restaurant, retail space, underground parking, and a Fairmont Hotel. The front of the plaza will feature a large public park, and the top 10 floors will be occupied by the hotel. The 100,000-square-foot underground parking will take up 3 stories, and provide 330 parking spaces.


Leonardo Glass Cube in Germany

Leonardo Glass Cube by 3Deluxe

The Leonardo Glass Cube was designed by 3Deluxe and the project has been completed since 2008. What I like about the project is the unity between the landscape, exterior, and the interior in one rhythm. I think 3Deluxe has implemented its interdisciplinary design concept very successfully into the project.

The glass façade of the building represents not only the interface between interior and exterior, but also the passage to a hyper-naturalistic world with heightened aesthetic appeal. A transparent print slides into the insight or outlook as a subtly visible image plane. The graphically illustrated elements displayed on it were derived from the architecture and the surrounding landscape. They create a subtle puzzle, mingling with the reflections of their models in reality.


Dubai Arts District by Marks Barfield

Dubai Arts District

Dubai continue shocking the world of architecture with never ending stories. Now they launched the Dubai Art District to facilitate media industry, the project is expected to be completed in 2011. Sited in Dubai’ IMPZ the project covers 26 hectares offering mix-used function includes residential, commercial, and community buildings.

David Marks, Managing Director of Marks Barfield, the creators of the London Eye, responsible for the design of the 11 residential buildings in the district, comments: “This bespoke development will be a first-of-its-kind arts precinct project in Dubai and is intended to attract design-conscious purchasers seeking a quality environment.”


Kilden Performing Arts Centre, Norway

Kilden performing arts centre by ALA Architects

Designed by ALA Architects, the Kilden Performing Arts Centre is still under construction in Kristiansand, Norway. The completion of the £117 million project is expected to happen in 2011. And having a gross floor area of 16,000 m2, this art center is built to accommodate Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra, Opera South and a number of local theatre groups.

Kilden will gather together all the city’s institutions of performing arts. Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra will have at its disposal a concert hall designed to accommodate 1200 attendees. Agder Theater, a regional group, will have a theater with a capacity of 700, excellent acoustics and advanced equipment with a stage tower.


Castle House by Hamiltons

castle house

The Castle House is expected for completion in 2009. It’s designed by Hamilton as an eco-residential tower by utilizing wind turbin on the top of the tower. When complete, the main tower will reach 147 m tall and the adjacent pavilion only 5-story. Located at Elephant and Castle South London, the Castle House will have 310 apartments.


Louis Vuitton Flagship Store in Japan

Louis Vuitton in Japan.

A week ago my friend showing me a series of Louis Vuitton‘ bag collection and she told me that she really impressed with the design. And now I’m excited to show her (and you) the design of Louis Vuitton Flagship Store in Japan. Designed by UNStudio, the store is proposed as a 10 storey building and sited on 746 m2 area. According to UNStudio, the building aims to establish an architectural equivalent of the identity of Louis Vuitton in which classical and modern qualities are blended, reinforcing each other.