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Archive for May, 2008

Strata Tower in Abu Dhabi

strata tower

Designed by New York-based architects, Hani Rashid and Lise Anne Couture of Asymptote, the construction of Strata Tower in Abu Dhabi just begun and scheduled for completion in three years. This 24-stories tower will be the tallest building in the Al Dana precint at a height of 160 meters.


The Classic Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas


Designed by Ragnar Qvale architect, the Sahara Hotel and Casino, has been opening since 1952. During the long period the building has been renovated couple of times but the classic style and the historic flair still remain, thank to the architect who worked to preserve historic building. Mr. Qvale was born in Norway but he immigrated to America with his family at age 13. Then he studied architecture at the University of Washington. Ragnar Qvale was died on September 20, 2001, he was 86-years-old.

Located on the Las Vegas Boulevard, the Sahara Hotel and Casino is known as the landmark Las Vegas property, it means the Sahara is the most wanted hotel by tourists who visit Vegas for having fun. Sahara Hotel and Casino is celebrating its fifty years of having fun. And as most of people know, since its establishment, top American and European stars including the Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe to Elvis Presley have performed live in the Hotel.


The Over Budget London 2012 Aquatics Centre

Aquatic Centre for 2012 Olympics in London

Designed by Zaha Hadid, the London 2012 Aquatics Centre was mentioned 300% over budget. As reported by The Guardian, the rising budget accounts for inflation, VAT, professional fees and project management costs.

Olympic bosses are facing renewed scrutiny of the finances for the 2012 games. Mayor Boris Johnson has pledged to drive down costs and next week the London 2012 organisers will welcome inspectors from the International Olympic Committee, who will check on the progress of the £9.3bn Olympic park.


125th Birthday of Walter Gropius

Walter Gropius

Google just remined me that today is Walter Gropius’s birthday. Born 125 years ago in Berlin, he has German/American nationality. His works, Fagus Factory, that was constructed between 1911 and 1913 in Germany, was mentioned as an important example of early modern architecture. He also founded a Building School or known as “Bauhaus” that was closed by Nazi regime in 1933.


iShop Concrete Offering Concrete Related Equipment


There won’t be a great architecture without the best construction method, and there won’t be great construction without the right equipment, right?

Nowadays, the most adopted technology and materials for modern building are concretes and cements. And it is important for us to do research before choosing or utilizing the right tools to complete the construction, thank to the internet that allows us to achieve those tasks in simply manner.


UK Headquarters for Willis by Foster + Partners

New tower for Willis in the City of London

Located at 51 Lime Street in the City of London, the new tower for Willis’s UK headquarters just finished recently. And as mentioned on its news release, the 28-storey Willis tower was developed together with 9-storey building at 1 Fenchurch Street.

Norman Foster said: ‘Thirty years ago we worked with Willis to challenge the conventions of an office building. Today, we are delighted to have completed their new UK headquarters at 51 Lime Street. A collaboration with both Willis and British Land, this building has come out of a very different design process, yet continues the practice’s commitment to developing humane, flexible and dynamic workplaces that are both informed by, and woven into, the urban fabric.’


Mega-building by Sport Concepts

mega buuilding

Designed by Sports Concepts, the Mega-building will be located in Glasgow and expected to open during the Commonwealth Games in 2014 with cost $250 million. The design of the 430,000-square-foot sport center is chosen from an European Ideas Competition.

“We developed our concepts based on a mega-building where we connected both indoor arenas with an office building,” says Michael Lischer, principal architect of Sports Concepts. This glass-and-metal clad structure will share circulation space, a cafeteria, dressing rooms, and offices for the National Sport Federations. Connecting the three facilities under one roof simplifies building operations and significantly cuts the construction costs, Lischer says.


Several New Super Tower in Dubai Being Planned

Super Tower in Dubai

Several new super towers including AC Towers, EP Site 07, 09 and 15 being planned in Dubai. The new masterplan was designed by architects Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill and will be finished later this year.

A cluster of six towers which all have glazed facades are set in three pairs and joined by glazing which forms a massive glass archway between the towers. lighting from within the towers will give them an almost ethereal glow at night. It will be a mixed use tower standing between 30 to 40 storeys and have a built up area of 450,000 square metres.