New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York

Museum of Contemporary Art in New York

Designed by Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa/SANAA, the New Museum of Contemporary Art has been opening in New York since 1 December 2007. The museum located at 235 Bowery and claimed as the first fine art museum ever constructed from the ground up in downtown Mahattan. The building is a nine-level structure and will host contemporary arts.

New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York

“A museum for contemporary art should be neutral in the character of its gallery spaces, n order to create the widest palette for the art itself, “ SANAA has stated. “With the galleries in this building, we tried to play with dimensions and the way daylight falls in the spaces. This allows the visitor to experience art in slightly different conditions on different visits, at different times of the day, in different spaces, without impeding the qualities of the art.”

Via dezeen

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