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The New Liverpool FC Stadium To Open in 2010


Liverpool FC New Stadium

Liverpool FC will have new stadium with 60,000 seat in it. The stadium designed by HKS architects and will open in 2010. As mentioned on the press release, the stadium will spend around ÂŁ300 million of investment. and located in North Liverpool.

Chief Executive Rick Parry said: “The asymmetric design sets it apart from other new stadia, as it is a clear move away from what is becoming the traditional bowl model. It recognises and makes reference to the fact that English football grounds were historically asymmetric. We make no apologies for that, we’ve gone out of our way to embrace that culture and it works exceptionally well for both the new ground and its location within Stanley Park. This new design will be unmistakably Liverpool and instantly recognisable as our stadium.”

Liverpool FC New Stadium

Liverpool FC New Stadium

Via Press Release

Liverpool FC New Stadium
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